Schools that provide real estate continuing education can submit their courses for CE Marketplace certification. During the 11/1/2018 – 10/31/2021 licensing cycle, in order for a course to count toward Michigan license renewal requirements it must be certified by CE Marketplace.

CE Marketplace offers licensees the ability to find relevant, cutting-edge CE courses to enhance their knowledge about the profession and meet their education goals. All CE Marketplace certified courses are defended in the event of an audit on continuing education history.

Submit Courses

In order for continuing education credits to count towards license renewal requirements for the 2018-2021 licensing cycle, the course MUST be certified by CE Marketplace. To have your course certified by CE Marketplace, create your School accounts to submit courses for certification.

Invite Instructors

After a school has been accepted by CE Marketplace, your School may invite instructors at no charge to teach on behalf of your organization.

Record Attendance

Easily upload attendance for your scheduled class sessions using our preformatted worksheet. Credits are issued and stored in licensee records and a proof of completion is issued via email.
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