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As an instructor you may submit your real estate focused course(s) for certification by CE Marketplace, add instructors to a certified course, or review the status of your submitted course(s).
Certified courses will be marketed to licensees and sponsors across the State of Michigan and will be defended in the case of an audit by the state. To get started, register to create a profile login.

You can:

Submit a Course

CE Marketplace will review proposed courses for compliance with statutory requirements and LARA’s interpretations. For courses meeting their standards, CE Marketplace will maintain copies of documents necessary to assist the licensee in defending against a LARA audit. The $45 fee for submitting a course provides course certification for the duration of the licensing cycle, marketing of the course to licensees and support for licensees during an audit.

Add Or Change Instructors

For a fee of $25 per additional instructor and approval from the certified course’s original instructor, CE Marketplace certified courses may have multiple approved instructors. Additional instructors are certified to teach the course for the duration of the licensing cycle.

View Your Courses

Review the status of a course you submitted, add additional instructors to certified courses, or see if a class has been scheduled by a sponsor.