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Don’t Miss Out! Earn Your CE Early.


With the holiday season nearing, and the year winding down, November is the perfect time to get a head start with your continuing education credits. After all, doing so is a requirement!

All licensees are required to complete 18 hours of required CE* between November 1, 2018, and October 31, 2021, that are relevant to the management, operation, and the practice of real estate. Within the 18 hours, 2 hours of real estate legal CE is required each year of a licensing cycle, between November 1 and October 31. Legal CE must involve laws, rules, and court cases regarding real estate.

*All CE courses must be CE Marketplace certified.

The new licensing year started on November 1, 2019. Visit CE Marketplace today to view your record. Be sure to have your pocket card handy; you will need your full 10-digit real estate license number to create an account.

Reach out to us at 844.642.6633 or on the web at www.cemarketplace.net.

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