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Do You Know How to Record Class Attendance on CE Marketplace?


For many School Administrators, scheduling a class and reporting attendance can be time consuming. We realize that your time is valuable. So we want to help you work more efficiently and improve your CE Marketplace productivity.

Whether you are an experienced CE Marketplace user or newly registered, these directions and tips will be a helpful reference.

Reporting Class Attendance:

1. Click Login in the upper right hand corner of the website.

**Tip: Please remember that you must schedule the class before class attendance is reported. For instructions on hosting a class, please click here . **

2. Once you have logged in, from the menu on the right hand side, click on
Record Class Attendance.

3. In Step 1 of the “Record Class Attendance” section, enter the Class Code for the class you are reporting attendance for. After entering the Class Code, click on Search For Classes.

** Tip: The Class Code can be found in your Course Sponsorship Confirmation email that was sent when the class was scheduled or listed in your “Class List” on the School Overview page.**

4. After you have searched for the Class Code, In Step 2 of the Record Class Attendance process, click on the green Class Code that corresponds to the Class Code from your email which you are reporting attendance.

**Tip: Make sure you are selecting the correct class session, with correct class date, class time and CE credit total. **

5. After clicking on the Class Code, you will be brought to Step 3 of the ‘Record Class Attendance’ process. In this step, you will select your Sponsor Upload Worksheet that has been filled out and saved with class and attendee information to upload from your computer.

**Tip: A blank copy of the Sponsor Upload Worksheet was attached to your ‘Course Sponsorship Confirmation’ email from when you first sponsored the class session. **

Use the button next to “Import From Worksheet” to search your computer and upload the Sponsor Upload Worksheet.

Once you have found the Sponsor Upload Worksheet that has been filled in and saved with your class attendance information from your computer, select the file and click ‘Open’ in your file upload window.

6. Once you have selected and opened your Sponsor Upload Worksheet from the file browser window, the website will begin to process the attendee information.

**Tip: Please make sure that you have filled out the top of the Sponsor Upload Worksheet to include the School Name, Class Name, Class Code, Class Date and CE Credit Hours.

7. Once the system has processed the attendees, you will see them listed at the bottom of the page.

The list displayed on the website will indicate how many attendees have been identified by the system, and how many attendees are unidentified with no exact match. You can click on the green number in the “Persons Found” column next to the unidentified person to attempt to match the attendee to the correct licensee record.

If you cannot find a match, or you are unsure if the match is correct, click the Include Unidentified check box to include them with your upload. The unidentified records will be added to a queue to be manually located by CE Marketplace staff.

**Tip: If your list did not upload, check the bottom of the page for the specific error message.**

8. Once you have verified all of the attendees from your Sponsor Upload Worksheet are displayed, click the Accept Attendance List button to finalize your attendance and continue to the payment screen to pay the $1.00 per attendee upload fee.

Top Six CE Marketplace Course Submission Tips and Tricks


For many School Administrators, course submission can be time consuming. We realize that your time is valuable. So we want to help you work more efficiently and improve your CE Marketplace productivity.

Whether you are an experienced CE Marketplace user or newly registered, these tips will be a helpful reference.

Top Six CE Marketplace Tips and Tricks:

1. Course Title

Please make sure that your course title reflects the topics that will be covered and is not misleading. Titles are randomized on CE Marketplace, so using numbers or ABC will not aid in the marketing of your course on the class calendar.

2. Timed Outline

Each course that is submitted needs a detailed outline that reflects content equaling 50 minutes of learning time per credit hour*. Please identify clear learning objectives that specify what the class attendee will be able to accomplish as a result of the course. 

(*50 minutes = 1 credit, 100 minutes = 2 credits)

3. Legal Content

Legal courses must reference topics that cover statues, rules, and court cases specific to the practice of real estate.

4. Course Marketing

Courses cannot be marketed as meeting Michigan continuing education licensing requirements until they are CE Marketplace certified. All CE Marketplace certified courses must display the number of elective or legal hours on marketing material.

All CE Marketplace certified courses must display the CE Marketplace Certified Logo on marketing materials in a place that is easily identifiable to licensees. You’ll find a copy of the CE Marketplace Certified Logo attached above.

5. CE Marketplace Certified

Certified courses can be subject to an audit by a CE Marketplace staff member to assess accurate record keeping and the delivery of course content.

6. Scheduling a Class

Once the course has been CE Marketplace certified you will want to schedule your class in advance. When you host a class it can be marked as a public or private event. If marked public it will appear on the CE Marketplace calendar, which is visible to all licensees and could result in additional class attendees.

If you have questions, we are here to help. Contact us at 844-642-6633 or education@cemarketplace.net.