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Have You Completed Your 2019 Legal Requirement?


Within each 3-year licensing cycle, licensees are required to complete 18 hours of CE that involve subjects that are relevant to the management, operation, and practice of real estate. At least two credit hours of Legal CE are required to be taken between November 1st and October 31st of each year. The remaining 12 credits can be either legal or elective and taken any time during the cycle.

 If you still need your legal credit before October 31, 2019, classes are listed on the CE Marketplace Calendar. The calendar allows you to search for classes with your favorite instructors or find a certified on-demand course to complete from your home or office.

 CE Marketplace is here to help you with your licensing requirements. For more information on how to use the CE Marketplace for all of your CE needs, visit our Resources page or give us a call at 844.642.6633.

An Important Change Has Been Made to Credit Reporting.


An important change has been made to the way that continuing education credits are recorded on CE Marketplace that you need to know about. You are no longer able to self-report learning certificates on CE Marketplace.

Previously, you were able to attach certificates for classes that were not CE Marketplace certified in your account. Beginning November 1, 2018, all courses must be CE Marketplace certified. This means that all of your credits will be automatically reported for you.

After your class attendance has been reported by an instructor or school administrator, you will receive a class completion certificate by email. Watch for this email to arrive! It confirms that your attendance in the class has been successfully reported and recorded in your CE Marketplace account.

Please note that your class attendance will be reported to CE Marketplace within ten days. If you do not receive the confirmation, it is your responsibility to contact the school administrator or instructor.

For answers to any questions about CE hours or tracking credits and class completion, visit www.cemarketplace.net or contact us at tracking@cemarketplace.net or 844.642.6633.

Important 2019 CE Marketplace Update! What you should know.


Can you believe we are more than halfway through the licensing year? We can’t either! Now that we are coming down to the final months, CE Marketplace has been flooded with questions from licensees. We wanted to take this opportunity to clear up confusion about some CE Marketplace updates and licensing requirements.

  • CE Marketplace class attendance is reported by the school administrator or instructor within ten business days of the class completion date. 

  • Class attendees can view their record of class completion online in their CE Marketplace account. Creating an account at cemarketplace.net is fast and easy, and referring to it often is important in charting progress towards renewal requirements or conveniently locating certified classes. Records of completion will be stored at cemarketplace.net even if the licensee does not yet have an account.

  • Effective 11/01/2018 all continuing education courses are required to be certified and tracked by CE Marketplace. Licensees are no longer able to self-report certificates for this licensing cycle on CE Marketplace. If the course has not been certified, the class attendee will not receive credit.

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