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Code of Ethics Update


As we wind down the licensing cycle and look forward to enhancements for the next we also are taking time to think about current changes that are impacting real estate education. The biggest change is the move by NAR to biennial Code of Ethics requirement. This change has created opportunities in CE Marketplace to serve REALTORS® and local associations in a new way with the tracking and reporting process. We have also changed CE Marketplace policies with regards to certifying code of ethics courses. With changes come questions so let us answer some commonly asked questions about Code of Ethics and CE Marketplace certification.

Why Code of Ethics is no longer certified as legal credit? NAR now requires all REALTOR® members to complete two and half hours of ethics training every two years. Due to this change, it would have been possible for a REALTOR® to complete their annual legal requirements two out of the three years in the licensing cycle by completing a Code of Ethics course. Although Code of Ethics and legal topics might overlap in limited areas, we feel that REALTORS® would miss important legal topics impacting the practice of real estate in Michigan if four of the six hours were code of ethics.

If a local association develops its own course materials, does it have to be submitted to NAR for approval? No, NAR does not have to approve training programs developed by local or state associations. The Code of Ethics learning objectives and minimum criteria were created to give local and state associations a reference to assist in defining key elements, which must be included in any Code of Ethics training.

Do instructors need to be certified to teach NAR Code of Ethics courses? There are no specific requirements to teach the Code of Ethics courses and CE Marketplace does not certify instructors, only courses.

I have a CE Marketplace certified Code of Ethics course that I would like to market to locals can I have it “tagged” as Code of Ethics? Yes, CE Marketplace now has a new feature that allows you to check a box to indicate whether the course is intended to meet the NAR Code of Ethics requirement. CE Marketplace will have the Michigan Realtors® Professional Standards Administrator review the course and if the course is seen as meeting the NAR requirements it will stay tagged as a Code of Ethics course and we will promote these courses to locals and Realtors®. Please remember that the local association/board has the final say on if they will accept the course as Code of Ethics compliant. Please reach out to us with the existing course code and we will be happy to check the box for you for the review process.

Thank you for your part in helping to make this licensing cycle as positive experience for licensees. If you have any questions about continuing education please don’t hesitate to contact us at 844.642.6633 or you may visit our website at www.cemarketplace.net. We will be sharing information about the renewal process as soon as we have them from the department.