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Upcoming Cycle Course Submission Information!


Course submissions for CE Marketplace are now closed for the 11/1/2015-10/31/2018 licensing period.

Courses that have been previously certified may be sponsored as individual classes through 10/25/2018 for dates up until 10/31/2018. Any additional requests to sponsor a certified course after 10/25/2018 from an existing CE Marketplace certified course must be processed manually by contacting education@cemarketplace.net or calling 844-642-6633.

Future classes with completion dates from 11/1/2018 and beyond must be scheduled from a course certified for the 11/1/2018 -10/31/2021 licensing cycle.

What if I am an existing provider and need to submit a course between 9/1/2018 and 10/31/2018 for CE Marketplace certification in the current cycle?

CE Marketplace course certification is no longer open for this licensing cycle. Current CE Marketplace certified courses remain certified until 10/31/2018.

As CE Marketplace was considered optional for Instructor/Sponsors for the 11/1/2015-10/31/2018 licensing cycle, you may still issue a certificate of completion to your students to testify to completion of your CE course for this cycle until 10/31/2018. Licensees may enter these independently issued certificates as 'Self-Reported' certificates into their individual CE Marketplace accounts until 10/31/2018.

For more information on new cycle course submission, visit please https://www.cemarketplace.net/course-submission-update.aspx.